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Older Adult Psychotherapy

Courteous Care

The elderly population of the United States is often overlooked when it comes to mental health issues. Many times symptoms are attributed to the aging process. Research demonstrates that psychotherapy is as effective for older adults as for younger populations. Some of the areas we focus on in therapy with the older adults include the restoration of positive self-concept and self-esteem; dealing with loss; coping with aging, illness and possible dependence.
At Meadow Psychotherapy, our philosophy is to encourage family participation when working with older adults. As priorities and life perspectives differ between adult children and older parents, communication breaks down between the generations. Adult children of elderly parents can learn to relate better and deepen their relationship with the elderly. The best thing adult children can do at this stage of their aging parent's lives is to be conscious of what is changing with their parents and re-evaluate how they relate to them.
Our therapists are highly trained and skilled in working with older adults and their families. Through psychotherapy, older adults gain self-awareness as well as feel more understood by their family members. The greatest gifts psychotherapy gives, which we know is of particular value to older clients, is the feeling of being understood.

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