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Comprehensive Assessments

Quality Service

  • Psychological Trauma / PTSD

  • Developmental Delays

  • ADD / ADHD

  • Autism / PDD

  • Cognitive Functioning

  • Learning Abilities

A comprehensive psychological evaluation may be necessary to diagnose any number of emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders. An evaluation of a child, adolescent, or adult is made based on behaviors present and in relation to physical, genetic, environmental, social, cognitive (thinking), emotional and educational components that may be affected as a result of the behaviors presented.

Many times, families, spouses, or friends are the first to suspect that their loved one is challenged by feelings, behaviors, and/or environmental conditions that cause them to act disruptive, rebellious, or sad. This may include, but is not limited to, problems with relationships with friends and/or family members, work, school, sleeping, eating, substance abuse, emotional expression, development, coping, attentiveness and responsiveness.

At Meadow Psychotherapy Services we offer a comprehensive assessment for the following conditions:

Please contact us to discuss your assessment needs and to ask any specific questions regarding this process.

  • Behavioral / Emotional Issues

  • Psychological Conditions (Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, etc.)

  • Marital / Couple Issues

  • Family Functioning

  • Parenting Issues / Parent-Child Relational Problems

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