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Marital and Couple Psychotherapy

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Most couples travel an emotional and spiritual journey which typically begins with attraction, romance, and excitement. Over time, we develop respect, intimacy, and love for one another. However, in life, we travel difficult roads and we face challenging circumstances. The relationship can be swept away by criticism, confrontations, rejections, and distance. The longer the problems remain unresolved, the bigger the detachment becomes.
Couples counseling can help explore your difficulties, clarify your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in your relationship. You will learn to speak and listen to one another in a more constructive way. You will learn to express and appreciate each other’s wants and needs and negotiate difficult decisions. The best outcome can be for love to be restored, respect, and trust to be re-build.
For others, the journey leads them to an understanding that separation or divorce is the healthiest decision. If you decide to separate and part ways, you will receive emotional support through this painful process. The goal would be to become two healthy individuals who can have mutual respect for one another.

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