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Family Psychotherapy

Quality Care

Family therapy is about resolving conflicts, improving communication, learning to problem solve as a unit, and creating harmony. As individuals, we are deeply connected to our relationships within our families, and having a healthy family system is vital for our well-being. When families can respond to each other’s emotional needs, respect differences, and work through difficult feelings, families become stronger.
The course of therapy will be based on the therapist’s clinical recommendations for improved family relationships. Your family therapist may recommend intermittent individual appointments to explore one’s unique identity, cultural perspectives, or contextual issues related to your family’s work for better solutions.
Individual therapy with children or adolescents will include a family therapy component as part of the treatment plan.
In general, anyone who wants to improve strained family relationships can benefit from family therapy. You can use family therapy to address many specific issues, such as marital and financial problems, a conflict between parents and children, and the effects of substance abuse and depression on the entire family.

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