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“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

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A Bit About Therapy

Psychotherapy is a powerful, time-honored and proven method of helping people change the way they feel and manage their lives. Our philosophy is to create an atmosphere of comfort and care, where the client is the expert on his or her life. Psychotherapy is a tool to be used in the journey to discover the self.

Our mission is to help our clients create the life they have envisioned and desire. We explore the paths that have led them to this point in their life and have created this unique “self”. The choices we make in every aspect of our life, including relationships and career has to do with our past experiences and encounters. By exploring those paths, we learn how to take the positive lessons and change the unhealthy.

Psychotherapy is a healing method based upon both the science of psychology and the skills of understanding, teaching, supporting and confronting. Psychotherapy is confidential and private, supportive and non-judgmental.


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